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How To Acquire A Multi-Million Dollar
Property Investment Portfolio
And Your Financial Freedom

Australian Finance and Property Guru unravels the formula on how to build a property investment portfolio, save tens of thousands in taxes, find the hottest locations & then retire financially free.

You Will Discover These 4 Secrets To Create Your Financial Freedom!

Oh before you read on... I am going to talk to you about something....

You see you might have some important questions?... Well let's not dismiss those questions... And it might be this... What if this all goes wrong? Can I really do this? What if this is just another sales story?

But what if I really am the guy that actually worked this out properly?...

And yes I am going to address that all in my Ebook... This is it... The formula to build a property portfolio and your financial freedom. I am not going to go into a lot of hype. That's not me. This is 100% no BS legit knowledge from reliable sources and qualified people.

Yep... It wasn't easy for me to work this all out and get this all together. It took me a lot or training, a lot of hours of research and 5 years in the making. And yes I have helped thousands of people to create wealth with property.

I have set up and run large finance companies in the past and I now have my own real estate company. I was the South Australian president of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia for around 5 years.

Well just read on... If you don't get the Ebook well at least you will get a fair bit of information here about why this is so important for you... It wasn't easy to put this all together that's for sure.

So ... This is what you will discover inside ...

1: How To Create A Multi-Million Dollar Property Investment Portfolio And Your Financial Freedom.

2: How To Shed Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Of Your Home Loan.

3: How To Create Equity Faster.

4: How To Save Thousands In Income Taxes.

Plus You Will Also Discover!

1: How To Reduce And Even Avoid Income And Land Taxes.

2: How To Protect Your Assets Without Incurring Capital Gains Tax And Stamp Duties.

3: How To Use The New Australian Tax Haven Of Self Managed Super Funds.

4: How To Use The NRAS Scheme And Have Cash Flow Positive Properties.

5: How To Work Out The Yield On A Property.

6: How To Buy Property With No Money Down.

7: How To Find Cash Flow Positive Properties In Fast Growing Regions.

8: What Are Your Options.

9: The Top 4 Aspect Of A Good Investment Property.

10: Past And Future Facts And Figures.

11: The Top Ten Reasons Why Residential Property.

12: The 8 Questions You Must Have The Answers To.

13: The 5 Steps To Chop Your Mortgage In Half.

14: The 5 Most Important Things To Research.

15: The 10 Point Checklist + Much More.

About The Author.

I am an Australian Credit Licensee and Licensed Real Estate Agent. Whilst many people may have just got lucky by buying in a booming market, I am actually trained in the industry and have helped thousands of people to create wealth with property through my companies, the right way.

I also operate a real estate company with one of the largest ranges of new residential turnkey real estate investment properties on-line. This comprehensive manual goes into depth and unravels the exact formula you could use to build a multi-million dollar property investment portfolio and become financially free.

Yep.. I worked it out...

So grab your copy today! It is jam packed with over 100 pages of  information every body must learn.

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What others have said:

"Now I realise how easy it is to let time do the work for me so I can still enjoy my life" Richard W

"This is the most compelling, complete and easy to understand information I have ever seen" Frank U

"It is so simple... now I've got my head around it. I should have started this years ago" Damian R

You will learn from a Qualified Licensed Real Estate Expert and Qualified Authorised Credit Licensee...

The little known formula to buy 4 investment properties worth 1 million dollars in 4 years or less.

And then find out how to go on to build a multi-million dollar portfolio with an ongoing income for life.

Imagine learning how to have over 2 million dollars in equity in around 15 years or even less.

And you'll learn how to properly set up your loans and accounts and reduce your home mortgage faster thereby also increasing your equity and wealth ahead of time.

This is no ordinary property book that tells you to spend your time ripping of wallpaper or knocking down walls or taking risks with property developments.

You could pay a lot of money for people to tell you that crap... honestly... I have been to all the seminars.

This is the formula to the proven methods that everyday people like you can use to create extraordinary wealth without making major changes to your life.

ps... Whilst I am living and writing this Ebook in Australia, these strategies can be applied all over the world where market conditions allow.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. If you want a get rich quick scheme I suggest you close this web page now and leave... because what it takes to actually become truly wealthy involves a sound, proven plan, positive action and a little patience.

I wish my parents knew this and told me how to do it a long time ago. Lets face it... unless we have a sound plan for retirement then we really have no plan at all.

We are just wasting our youth.

Well I guess there are 3 paths you can take from here. One is to do nothing, the other is to try and figure it all out your self and make all the costly mistakes, or the other way is to get my Ebook and discover this valuable knowledge straight away.

I guarantee It will save you a lot of time and money. In fact there is even a 30 day money back guarantee. So your risk is nothing. Your even bigger risk in reality is actually doing nothing.


It took me many years of education, real world experience and it cost me dearly at times by making some mistakes. You know I have never lost out on a property transaction. I have bought several myself. And every single one has made me a lot of money. Even during the GFC.

But I have lost out by going into business with greedy people that only care about themselves. And my superannuation got eaten up in fees and it's value dropped. And that had set me back. But fortunately I always had equity in property.

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You know, Thomas Edison made 1000 attempts at making the light bulb. And when he was asked how it felt to fail 1000 times he said.

"I didn't fail 1000 times, the light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps"

Now we can see in the dark and our lights are switched on.

You know, they say that by the time you turn 17 you would have heard the words "no you can't" 150,000 times and only heard the words "yes you can" 5000 times.

No wonder we are all stuck in the "I gotta work hard and just save my money to have what I want" lie.

And you know what... that is exactly how it used to be. We now live in a world of people wanting to have everything straight away. The big screen TV, flash cars and every consumer good we can get our hands on.

No wonder Australian's now have a trillion dollars maxed out on credit cards.

Don't get me wrong... Property investing doesn't normally mean you should give up your day job straight away.

And you don't know how many times I have heard people say, "money isn't important to me I just want to be happy. Anyway that is what I have my superannuation for isn't it?"

Who are they kidding, well themselves really. Relying on superannuation is akin to putting all your eggs in one big fat basket that is guaranteed to make the superannuation companies rich.

Apart from the fact that you have virtually no control over where they put your money. And the fact is that they even make money when they lose you money.

So what are the real facts saying?

Who is going to have to pay for their retirement plan called the pension.

Guess who... the tax payer. Hang on... what tax payers?

If there even is a pension when we finally get to retire? The Australian government is already talking about putting the retirement age up because there wont be enough tax payers to fund it.

What you want is pretty simple though... cmon... it's to follow your chosen career path and be happy. Which is unlikely to make you financially independent. You see most people are virtually only a couple of pay packets away from bankruptcy.

Even if your think you are ok now, what are you going to do in retirement!

"What we want is to not have to be struggling all our lives working hard and taking big risks and we all really want to be financially secure one day."

We want is to enjoy our lives and have a real achievable plan that we know will set us up financially.

And to still be able to do what we really want.

What I  also want is to be able to help others learn what I have learnt. The choice is yours after that... it may or may not be right for you!

That's your choice... and that's what makes us all different. And what makes the world go round I guess.

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You've got to work out what you want, where you are in life now, and what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Sometimes it doesn't work out like you want it to... sometimes you don't even think about it.

Mostly you will just get up everyday and go to work because your too busy to take time out, think about it, make a plan and take positive action.

So what is your defining moment going to be... will it be now... or will it be too late.

So... will you take this moment to consider... or will you go... yeh woteva... she'll be right mate.

Is this your time to take control of your life? Is this real? Well... one's things for certain.

If you do nothing... then nothing is what you will get............... (extra pause moment here... hehe)

Shhhh... take a breath... and another... what is this guy saying?

Well... this is it.... yes or no... your choice. Here's a way...

And it's worked for around 90% of the worlds richest people.


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"My 100+ page property investing and finance Ebook is one of the most informative books on the subject you will ever read."

I have spent over 5 years compiling information for it to become a comprehensive manual.

It cuts to the chase and is full of hard hitting facts and a no-nonsense real life approach for everyday people to create extraordinary wealth.

So what are you waiting for...

Just go get your plan to financial freedom now!

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I hope for your sake that you do take this opportunity to build on your wealth today!

What ever you want to do in life, just do it. It’s never going to be the ‘right time’ and it’s probably never going to be perfect.

Reaching goals creates confidence. That confidence will carry on into your life.

Action conquers fear.

Thoughts + Beliefs = Your Action = Your Results


Thoughts + Beliefs + Positive Action = Positive Results

So just start Today And Learn How To Acquire Your Financial Freedom.

I can show you how to start right now...

Often with no money down and no ongoing out of pocket expenses.

I'll show you how to use strategies to reduce your tax now and how to create a portfolio that you can retire on.

I will also show you how to use Australian government approved strategies that allow you not only to reduce your tax... but even to avoid it all together.

That's right... there is a little known legal tax haven in Australia.

How much could it be worth to you to learn how create a multi-million dollar property investment portfolio properly?

The knowledge I share in this Ebook will save you making costly mistakes and help show you exactly how to build your portfolio safe and fast.

I'll even show you how to acquire cash flow positive properties in fast growing locations with no cash down and no out of pocket expenses.

So would you like to become a sophisticated property investor and make HUGE PROFITS – by knowing not just HOW to invest in property the right way, but also WHERE to invest RIGHT NOW?  

With interest rates at record lows and a rising property market this is a great time to be investing in property and securing your future financial freedom.

  • Discover how to correctly structure your portfolio.

  • Discover where to invest for maximum growth.

  • Beat other investors by getting in before they do.

  • Discover where the rising markets are.

  • Learn where to look for real positive cash flow properties.

  • Learn how to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Predict the future with confidence.

I'll also show you how to save tens of thousands off your mortgages.

I would normally charge up to $500 for just one appointment.

But now I have made all of this information easy for everyone to access and it has been downloaded by thousands for the incredibly low investment of only $27.00 (Australian Dollars)

I’ll leave you with a favorite quote:

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it."

Begin it now!

Learn how to secure your financial freedom today!

Or just go back to what your plan was before... which was?

Your choice!

Here it is...

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